SVIPA Life is an Unforgettable Ride
THE SATELLITE CAMPUS PROGRAM  is a program in which your home becomes an extension campus of our school . You, the parent, also become a volunteer faculty member of SVPA. The Satellite Campus Program allows you, the parent, to educate your child at home legally in the state of Tennessee with many of the same benefits of being part of an organized Christian school.
DAY SCHOOL- We offer day school programs for students who are interested in attending 1-5 days per week and live close to the SVIPA campus. During their time at the SVIPA campus, studnets will participate in a variety of different classes including pre-vet/animal science along with riding lessons. For more information regarding this program  and tuition prices please contact the office. 
FiELD TRIPS - We offer educational and experiential field trips for local groups to come to the Ranch and learn about a variety of topics that include history of the horse, maintaining animal health, sustainability, equine therapy, ranch life, chuck wagon life and many more. Please contact us for more information.
INTERNSHIPS - College students enrolled in a variety of degree programs such as teaching, veterinary science, ministry, marketing, public relations, etc. can request an internship for a semester during their college or university education in the U.S. or abroad. Limited positions are available but all are welcome to apply. Please email us for more information. 
COWBOY CHURCH -  SVIPA students help produce the monthly Cowboy Church program that takes place at the Tennessee Guest Ranch from April through November. This event takes place every second Saturday of each month. FREE Pony Rides & Chuckwagon Chow begins at 5PM CST (6PM EST) and is followed by the Cowboy Service at 6PM CST (7PM EST). After the service, we also have a BBQ Dinner and Barn Dance Fundraiser for our Honduras Horsemanship Mission Project. 
PRE-VET SUMMER CAMPS - 1 and 2 weeks camp sessions are offered at the TN Dude & Guest Ranch during the summer. SVIPA pre-vet students help teach pre-veterinary classes to campers of all ages. If you have a child that you'd like to enroll in the Pre-Vet National Horse Camp please visit