The F.A.R.M. Degree Life is an Unforgettable Ride

 The F.A.R.M Business Degree is a college level program offered through SVIPA for students 18 years and older.  It is for students who have a high school diploma or higher education.  It is both hands on 'experiential' education and classroom based academics, focusing on the knowledge and skills needed for a future in a variety of agriculture career opportunities. 

3 Phases

F.A.R.M. Certificate - 1 year

F.A.R.M. Diploma- 2 years
F.A.R.M. Business Degree - 3 years





 Each school year consists of 9 months of an academic school year and 3 months of an on-site working internship.

Courses in the F.A.R.M Business Program enable the student to grasp the scope and possibilities of a career in Farming, Agritourism & Agribusiness, Ranching, and Ministry. Students will complete all appropriate classes and the number of credit hours needed per year for their program. During the third year, students will have options in choosing certain classes and courses for their specialty areas in which they will major and minor.

All students will have required classes and courses in seven key areas of study:

•       Agribusiness: Agribusiness classes include courses in Agritourism and Entrepreneurship in the field of Farm & Ranch Management, Operations,                    and Ownership. This specifically includes Dude & Guest Ranch Operations, Farm Stay Bed & Breakfast Operations, and Agri-Farm Group Tour                      Operations.

•       Horsemanship: The Horsemanship classes and courses cover extensive Riding Skills and Riding Disciplines, Instruction & Teaching Skills, Riding                     Instructor Certifications, Horse Training, and Equine Risk Management and Safety

•       Pre-Vet Science: Includes Animal Husbandry, Anatomy, Plant and Animal Nutrition, Pharmaceuticals

•       Finance: Covers Bookkeeping, General Accounting Principles, Financial Risks, Non-Profit and For-Profit Tax Laws, Fund Raising, Grants, Payroll

•       Communications: Public Speaking, Hospitality, Educational Speaking, Tele Comm., Leadership Comm., Management/Employee Comm., and                           Christian Communications in Leadership.

•       Marketing: Advertising, Public Relations, Social Media, CRM, Marketing Analysis, Fundraising for Non- Profits

•       Ministry: The F.A.R.M. Program also includes extensive studies in - Biblical Agriculture; Biblical Equine Studies; Biblical Theology and Inductive                    Bible Study; Creation Studies; Youth Ministry; Christian Counseling; Sermon Preparation; Cowboy Church Production; and Mission Based                              Projects (both U.S. & International) using the horse and agricultural topics as a ‘tool’ to teach the Word of God.