Honduras Horsemanship Mission Project (H.H.M.P.) - Using the HORSE as a TOOL to teach GOD'S WORD to children in Central America.  With over 200 scriptures in the Bible relating to horses, including Jesus' return on a white horse, there is a powerful message to share...

The headquaters of the the H.H.M.P. is based at Orphanage Emmanuel. Each year SVIPA pre-vet boarding school students and 2nd year F.A.R.M. Degree students travel to participate in the H.H.M.P's continued development.  Our work with the Orphanage Emmanuel division of the HHMP celebrated its 15th year anniversary in 2019! Orphanage Emmanuel serves approximatley 500 children.  They raise and produce most of their food.  They maintain beef cattle, dairly cattle, poultry, a tilapia farm, and grow much of their own produce.  This equine program serves alongside the orphanage in the care of the children and local community through supplies, hands on assistance, education, training and planning. The Project serves approximatley 70 children weekly through Equine assisted development. 
Students also have the opportunity to work with other facilities and churches in Honduras and Central AmericaEach year our full-time boarding students travel to assist the H.H.M.P. for approximately 4-6 weeks using their pre-vet, horsemanship, and teaching skills along with sharing God's word through mounted sermons for groups of 50-400, small horsemanship classes and so much more! 
International Interns - SVIPA offers programs to International students who are intereseted in Pre-Veterinarian  and animal science education.  The intern program can be individualized according the the students experience and knowlegde.  Please contact us for further information and opportunities
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